Maternity Program Bonuses

Moms enrolled in the 32BJ Maternity Program get the great maternity coverage offered to all our members and their dependents. But they also get peace of mind knowing they are selecting a hospital and provider that deliver high-quality care that has been verified by the 32BJ Health Fund.

Other bonuses include a rebate for your hospital admission when you have your baby, special gifts, and additional maternity resources.

$0 Copay for Delivery Admission

Eligible moms who have enrolled in the 32BJ Maternity Program and deliver at a 32BJ Maternity Program hospital will have a $0 copay for the admission for their delivery.

If you have other health plan coverage, please refer to additional instructions below.

Gifts for Mom and Baby

You will also have the option to get a 2nd breast pump. Request your additional breast pump by reaching out to Edgepark’s Case Management Support at (844) 564-1007 or

If you also have other health plan coverage

If you have other insurance in addition to your 32BJ Health Fund coverage, you may need to request reimbursement of your hospital copay.  If your other health insurance is considered your primary coverage, to receive the rebate of your hospital copay, you must provide separate documentation of what the hospital charged you for your copay. Using the addresses below, please mail or email a copy of the hospital bill you received for the copay for the hospital admission when you delivered your baby. The 32BJ Health Fund will reimburse up to $100. You must send a copy of the bill within 180 days of the delivery. You may call Health Services to find out if this rule applies to you.

Email discharge papers to:

Please be aware that emails sent over the internet may not be secure.  This means that the information in your email and any attachment might be intercepted and read by other parties.

If you still want to email the Fund, please take precautions to remove personal identifying information such as your date of birth and Social Security number before sending an email or any attachment.

The Fund is not responsible for any interception or misdirection of your email or any attachments.

Or mail discharge papers to:
Building Services 32BJ Health Fund
Attn: Health Services
25 W 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Moms can choose and enjoy one of the special bonus gift packages for her and her baby.

To receive your gift, you must have met all the requirements by week 32 of your pregnancy.

Then 32BJ Health Services will contact you so that you can:

1. Choose your gift package
2. Provide a mailing address to receive the package