NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi (Bronx, NY)

NYC Health + Hospitals

1400 Pelham Pkwy S, Bronx, NY 10461
(929) 296-4249

General Information

  • Tours available upon request. Contact hospital to schedule.
  • Private rooms are available 100% of the time.
  • Visitor policies are reviewed frequently to ensure the safest possible environment and to comply with COVID-19 guidelines from the New York State Department of Health. All patients are allowed one support person to remain with them during labor and delivery and throughout the postpartum stay. For the most up-to-date visitor policies, please call the H+H 32BJ call center at 929-296-4249.

Main Highlights / Resources

  • High-risk maternal and fetal care: This is a Level III Perinatal Center equipped to handle high-risk and more complex maternal and fetal conditions.
  • Gentle C-sections*
  • Midwives available
  • Baby-Friendly hospital **


  • Free birthing classes
  • Free newborn care, infant feeding and parenting classes
  • Breastfeeding: Free lactation consultant 7 days a week. Phone consults and breastfeeding support group after discharge.

Other Features

  • Dedicated phone line for 32BJ expecting parents
  • Mother-Baby clinic for moms and babies to be seen in the same location.
  • Baby sleep sacks***
  • Quarterly baby showers for Moms over 7 months pregnant
  • Carnegie Hall Partnership Program to write lullabies
  • Nitrous oxide****

* A C-Section experience that’s more like a typical labor and delivery room than an operating room.
** A special World Health Organization designation given to maternity facilities that have successfully implemented practices that protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.
*** A wearable blanket that keeps baby warm and snug, as if they were in the womb.
**** A medical drug approach to pain management during labor. It’s sometimes referred to as laughing gas. This is not an alternative to an epidural, but rather an additional effective option for managing pain and discomfort during labor and birth; in fact many women use until they get an epidural.