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Future Moms Program from Empire BlueCross BlueShield

(required for the Maternity Program)

This is a FREE program to all expectant moms. But you must sign up for Future Moms to qualify for the 32BJ Maternity Program . To enroll, call Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield at 800-828-5891.

The Future Moms Program can help you follow your provider’s care plan and help you make good choices during your pregnancy. It can also help you identify potential problems throughout your pregnancy, and help you take steps to avoid them. You will:

  • Receive a book to guide you through your pregnancy and a diary to help you track your baby’s development
  • Be able to speak with a nurse-coach who can answer your questions about pregnancy, newborn care and much more
  • Have 24/7 access to a nurse-coach, at no cost to you
  • Have a video visit with a lactation consultant after your delivery, providing guidance on breastfeeding, formula feeding, your nutrition, introducing solids, and stress management