Postpartum Care Benefits

Feeding Your Baby


When starting out, breastfeeding can be a challenge. Many women find it helpful to work with a lactation specialist before they leave the hospital. They meet with you during your hospital stay to help you with breastfeeding concerns and issues.

Your 32BJ Health Fund covers 100% of the cost of:

  • Lactation specialist’s services during your hospital stay.
  • A breast pump – when you choose a covered model and buy it online from Edgepark. You will also have the option to get a 2nd breast pump. To request the additional breast pump, please reach out to Edgepark’s Case Management Support at (844) 564-1007 or

How to order:

  • Go to & enter your insurance information
  • Choose a model that’s right for you
  • Give Edgepark your OBGYN’s contact information
  • An Edgepark representative will do the paperwork. Your breast pump will be shipped to you

Postpartum Doctor Visit

You should see your doctor for a follow up after giving birth. Your 32BJ Health Fund covers this visit within 45 days after delivery.